Copper C101

 from P&P Non Ferrous Ltd


Besides acting as a base for all brasses and bronzes, copper is an engineering material in its own right. C101 harnesses high electrical and thermal conductivity and along with having a high ductility and impact strength, it can be a very useful material.


A restriction of C101 is poor weldability and as a result welding is not recommended.


As mentioned above, the versatility of C101 leads to lots of potential different uses…


·     It can be used in countless electrical and domestic appliances.

·     It features in many different components used in the automotive industry.

·     General engineering.

·     Cold-formed parts.




C101 is available from us in rods, bars, squares and flats.


Rods and bars from 3/16” dia – 6” dia

Flats from 1/2 x 1/8 – 4” x 2”

Squares from 6mm sq – 3” Sq